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  • I am very satisfied with the purchase experience. Elizabeth worked closely with me to customize a plush slug and a slug pillow. The name tags with your message is another plus when you are purchasing this as a gift. They are gifts for my wife and she absolutely love them. Their quality and size are very good to cuddle with. Elizabeth helped me find the exact shade of purple I wanted. She responds fast and pays attention to details. The order came out exactly how I wanted.

    Thank you so much Elizabeth!


    Hug Me Slug dark purple slug plush toy by Elizabeth Ruffing

    Hug Me Slug accent pillow by Elizabeth Ruffing

  • Have ordered several of the bunnies for baby gifts. All have been adored by the families that received them. The name tags make the gift nicely personal and the quality and finish are perfect for little ones. Shipping is quick and the overall experience is outstanding!

    Wonder Bunny, superhero plush bunny, plush toy by Elizabeth Ruffing

  • Awesome! It’s a gift and I will comment further when it’s received……never thought I would hug a slug and be sad to give it away!

    Hug Me Slug rainbow plush slug, plush toy by Elizabeth Ruffing

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