Annie the Antelope

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingNew original, one-of-a-kind art toys are sprouting up around here. This is Annie the Antelope and her new Sluggie friend, my first custom “Hug Me! Slug”.

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingI have to admit, I was having so much fun making Annie, that I wasn’t paying much attention to making her too realistic. In fact, when she was done, we were debating over whether or not she might be a new species. My friend, M., suggested she might be a Huggalope.

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingMy mom won out and named Annie after herself.

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingThis Annie is largely hand sewn, with big brown, hand-embroidered eyes. She has pretty eyelashes too. Annie is a sock doll, made from pink and brown socks, with a pink calico skirt, which has an elastic waist.

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingHer legs are long and graceful. I think she’s studied ballet.

Annie the Antelope Sock Doll by Elizabeth RuffingI love her tail. It’s springy and has a pink yarn tuft on the end. It bounces when she dances. Annie the Antelope can be found here in my Etsy art toy shop.

Sluggie is very excited about the birthday party he will be attending soon. I hear it has a slug theme. I’m sure he will enjoy it tremendously.

Today we got an exciting package. I made a Labor Day sale purchase from Staples and used my $30 coupon that I got from their ink recycling rewards program.

I needed some help getting it out of its wrapping…

Ah, a new office chair. Finally, something comfortable to sit in while I work. It had picture assembly directions, and I couldn’t figure out how to use the tilting lever. I could call and ask, but I don’t feel like tilting anyway.

I’ll probably be wheeling this around from one desk to another, until we get another one.

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