Angel or Devil?

Naughty Kitty: “Psst! Listen…I’ve got a plan for world domination!

ER: “Given the current economic crisis, is world domination even feasible right now?”

ER: “Wait, why are you girls even talking to me?

Good Kitty: “Don’t listen to her, Elizabeth…follow your heart, follow the good…

Naughty Kitty: “You’d get to be 50 feet tall and wreak havoc.”

ER: “World domination does sound kind of fun.”

Good Kitty: “No! Elizabeth, no! Spread love and understanding. Think of your family, your friends.

Naughty Kitty: “No, Elizabeth…think of your ex-boyfriends!”

ER: “Hm…

ER: “Yeah, that might be kind of fun.”

Good Kitty: “Elizabeth, please, we need you on our side. Someone’s got to look after the bunny…”

ER: “Oh, you’re right. Beulah Bunny, new this week. World domination will have to wait.”

Beulah is by Max Bailey and is a companion for Beatrice Bunny.

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