My new sewing machine is here!

Big goings-on around here…I was so nervous waiting for my new sewing machine. I even got a stomach ache while waiting for the UPS man to bring it to the door! I checked the box over before signing for it. The kitty inspectors checked it out too. Okay so far.

The box had never been opened. Everything was pristine.

It started to attract more kitties…

So, I took it into the kitty-free zone of my workroom. My fleece “Hug Me! Slugs” gathered around, while my sock kitty prepared to lounge. It looks perfect.

I read both manuals before I found the nerve to plug it in and turn it on. So far so good. I tried a few stitches. I took some deep breaths. I felt thoroughly traumatized! My mom assured me that is exactly how she felt when we first got a computer back in December 2004, when neither one of us even knew how to turn one on. She felt the same way with the digital camera. Okay, that means we can learn…More deep breaths.

My little Sarah, my first Viking, is still in use, as you can see. I’ll be using her for fleece and fuzzy things, I think. The presser feet are interchangeable for the two machines, and so I will probably invest in some more specialty feet.

I will be going over every stitch function soon, to make sure there are no problems, and to learn my way around. First I have to calm down!
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