New Spring Floral Cat Prints

I’ve been editing and re-editing the digital files for these cat paintings all afternoon, fiddling with the color, comparing them to my paintings, printing, then printing them again, and again. Above is “Laurence with Primroses and Daffodils“. There are some hyacinths in there too. I even sneaked some Johnny Jump-ups into the corner.

This one is “The Guardian“, a champagne-colored cat overlooking a garden of magenta hollyhocks and pink cosmos. I used to have bunches of these growing in my garden. My flower beds here are already overcrowded and I need to expand them in order to fit more varieties of flowers in at all.

Both these paintings are done in acrylic on canvas. “The Guardian” was my first acrylic painting. I’ve printed these in miniature so I can mount them on poplar wood. I’ll be rummaging through my paint tomorrow, trying out colors to coordinate with the images to paint onto the sides of the wood prints can be found on our website.

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