Long ago and far away

Serenity Starr angel sketch by Elizabeth RuffingMaybe it wasn’t so far away, or even so very long ago, but I thought you might like to see my first art doll. This is “Serenity Starr”. I made her back in November of 2005. I am giving her a page on our Ruffing’s blog, which had its beginnings before this blog. I am, of course, still hard at work on that blog, readying it for a relaunch.

Serenity Starr, Original One-of-kind Folk Art Angel Doll by Elizabeth RuffingSerenity was an original, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted angel, with hand-quilted wings, and a handmade wooden stand that slipped in between her body and her wings. My friend, Miko, wrote a cute poem for her, which I printed on her hang tag, and after that I tried my best to write poems for each of the five angels in the set! That was a challenge! I started getting a little redundant with my poetry ideas. Those are all on the new-and-improved blog too.

Elizabeth Ruffing's hairBy the way, this is what can happen to your hair when you are working from home on your web site. I caught a glimpse of this in the reflection on our monitor, and realized I probably never even combed my hair today. On the other hand, this is a very easy to maintain style. Just fall asleep without completely drying your hair, and voila…no effort needed in the morning.


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