Catching up with my quilt homework

I’m only one class behind now. I even thought I’d try to get ahead. The next class is a paper-pieced block. Being convinced I couldn’t match any of the seams up without drawing the whole block out to size and then cutting it apart, I started drawing, and erasing, and drawing, until the block was too complicated to be paper-pieced. This is why I am always behind. I am not happy if I don’t make a thing more complicated than it has to be. My worst offense so far has been our bow tie block. Once I was done, mine had eighty individual parts that I put together to make a twelve inch square. But…it looks really nice. I’m not sorry. Lori, who has been teaching us, based her design on a quilt in Making Scrap Quilts To Use It Up. She made up the directions because it had none for that particular quilt, and simplified some of the blocks to save our collective sanity. Disregarding all potential threats to my own sanity, I got a copy on eBay and I have been happily re-complicating the blocks ever since.


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